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December Special Offer!

Shake the Lockdown Blues and escape to the Kingdom today!

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  • Team ChallengesTeam Challenges
  • Survival CampSurvival Camp
  • Raft BuildingRaft Building
  • OrienteeringOrienteering
  • KayakingKayaking
  • Hill WalkingHill Walking
  • FishingFishing
  • Coasteering, Canyoning & Gorge WalkingCoasteering, Canyoning & Gorge Walking
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  • BikingBiking
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Escape the city and get some fresh air in the Kingdom!
Eclipse Ireland is taking bookings for the month of December and the Christmas Holidays onward.
Book an awesome activity package that is inclusive from a choice of the following options along with a four night or weekend stay in our fabulous self-catering cottages (Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday) during the month of December for as little as €245 per person (please contact for family package rates).
A themed family scavenger hunt:

Orienteering. Navigation. Scavenger hunts. Three different headings. One goal.
To reach a destination by means of compass co-ordinates and/or a list clues or map references and a competitive sport in which runners or walkers have to find their way across rough or tame country to find points in the landscape. It can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods or as a competitive sport. It is a sport for people of all ages and varying fitness levels.
There are a huge number of options relating to our courses that we custom build and personalise to each group.
Sometimes groups like to be divided into teams (by gender - his and her side, kids against parents etc) and have a little bit of competitiveness, others prefer a little more adventure.
Great fun, let us know how challenging...easy, medium or difficult levels available.  

River Kayaking Tour:

We’ve been drawn to rivers since time immemorial. The reasons become clear when you have the opportunity to kayak down the Blackwater River. To feel the connection to the water with every stroke of your paddle. To see the reflection of the wildflowers and mountains dance along the waters shore. To have the chance to see wildlife that many rarely get to see in their natural habitat. Be it otters breaking open muscles on their bellies, or a salmon leaping a meter out of the water. Perhaps on the shores you might even glimpse the odd pine martin or sika deer. To top off the tranquil paddle, if the water is right, we’ll have a slide down the rock falls, or explore the rocks themselves to see and understand how they were shaped over the last millennia. There’s few better ways to reset your mental state and reconnect with the beauty of nature than river kayaking at Eclipse Ireland.   

Coastal Exploration Session:

There’s something so nice about walking in the great outdoors, something so vital and deeply human. Perhaps it is calmness, perhaps it is beauty. Perhaps it is kinship, or quietness, or solitude. Walking in nature opens your mind and senses. It provides a sense of wellness.

We all get outside, to some extent, because we need the wildness and beauty of nature. It is inherent in our genes, vital to our mental health. The wilderness and outdoors draw on our strong emotions, connecting us to our roots as a species. Transporting us back in time, before the age of technology.

There is something special about adventuring and exploring in an unknown place. There is a wonder to it that can hardly be explained. The sun setting behind never before seen mountains. Lazy rivers gurgling through quiet valleys. The salt spray on the wind and the gleaming ocean lapping on sandstone. Are you there with your family, or are you sharing an intimate moment with your partner, or are you there alone, soaking in the beauty, drinking it with your eyes?

If you’re anything like most people, you’re probably sitting at home or at your desk dreaming of fresh air, and walks in unseen places. And have you ever wondered where it all came from? The mountains, the rocks, the pools shifting like the sands of time? Have you ever wondered what our ancestors ate, what is wild and edible and how they came to settle in the most beautiful place in the world…

If you are seeking creative ideas and some knowledge, get up, get moving, come stay with us, and do some exploring!  

Rekindle your love for the great outdoors with hiking at Eclipse Ireland. Unwind in the unparalleled beauty of the kingdom. With our expertise and experience, let us guide you and your family, advise you on the best kept secrets that Kerry has to offer. To hand-picked locales that will refresh the mind and reboot the senses, and create enduring 
All of these experiences have been carefully designed to get you reconnected to the outdoors and shake those Lockdown blues!

Enquire now for details!

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December Special Offer!



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